Artists in any genre have always had issues with their labels. Sample clearance, album delays and other factors play into this constant love/hate relationship with record labels and executive. Record labels do have an affect on the direction of an artist's career. However, the artistry sometimes gets compromised. Earlier in the day, Metro Boomin' warned producers about dealing with Atlantic Records, saying that they'll "steal your soul." At the time, he didn't detail his own experiences with them but he later clarified that his comments weren't directed at Atlantic as a whole but rather Warner's Artist Publishing Group executive, Mike Caren and his APG group.

In a series of tweets, Metro Boomin' has warned up-and-coming producers about working with Warner's Artist Publishing Group. Based on his own experience that he later detailed, he says Caren's group are taking advantage of "hungry artists/producers/writers who put their whole life into their music." He later stated that he isn't against all major labels but does say, "APG is just evil." He later details a trip he took to LA when he was 19 at their expense. He said, "I let APG fly me to LA when I was 19. It was something I was of course excited about beforehand but day by day saw how full of [shit] they were."

It seems like he isn't the only one to have poor experiences with APG. Mike Will Made It responded to the tweet saying, "Factual , Caron looked 2012 Mike Will in the eyes after hearing my whole catalog and said you don't have ANY hits but we can help u wit that." Which Boomin' quoted and said "sounds about right." Other prominent producers have also chimed into the conversation, with the likes of London On Da Track, Earl Sweatshirt and other hip hop figures confirming what Metro said.

Metro's initial tweet about Atlantic kicked off in response to a music consultant in Atlanta tweeting a screenshot of a conversation he had with an Atlantic A&R who was seeking new talent in the city. The tweets he later sent out weren't done out of malice but rather as a way of warning upcoming musicians not to fall victim of their actions.

Check the tweets below: