Miami Heat forward Meyers Leonard has some explaining to do after he was caught using an anti-semitic slur during a recent Twitch stream while he was playing Call Of Duty.

Emotions run high when you're gaming sometimes, especially when it's Call Of Duty. A number of athletes live-stream their gaming sessions when they're off the court, including Meyers Leonard who has a platform of over 69,000 followers. Everybody that was tuned into Leonard's recent stream got to witness the 29-year-old big man spew a racist slur in the middle of his game, calling one of his opponents a "k*ke".

"F*cking cowards. Don't f*cking snipe me! You f*cking k*ke b*tch," he shouted. The anti-semitic slur was followed by a laugh from Leonard, who clearly didn't realize how hurtful his words were. 

Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images

Shortly after the damage was done, Leonard proceeded to take a phone call while playing, telling his team that he needed to leave abruptly. "Yo, my wife needs me, she just called me," said the professional ballplayer. "I gotta roll, brother."

As Complex points out, Leonard was the only player from the Miami Heat who didn't kneel with the team in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement during their NBA Finals run. He suggested that kneeling during the anthem was disrespectful to the military. "Some of the conversations I’ve had over the past three days, quite literally, have been the most difficult," he said at the time. "I am with the Black Lives Matter movement and I love and support the military and my brother and the people who have fought to defend our rights in this country."

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