MF DOOM and Madlib's joint project, Madvillany turned 15 years old this past weekend. Although the two artists have had their own influence on the game, the impact of Madvillany is still heard today, influencing the likes of Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Danny Brown and many more. DOOM recently spoke to Spin magazine about the project and revealed that there's a possibility a sequel to their 2004 project could be released in the future.

"Since then, we’ve recorded a lot more stuff. There’s a few of them we could put out as whole albums. I’m just looking for the right time. It’s hard to choose a time, as far as the manufacturing side, and the business side. Once that’s all out of the way, people will hear more of it. It’s a ton of stuff that we got," he said.

DOOM said that since the release of Madvillainy, he and Madlib have sat down in the studio together, bouncing ideas off of each other twice.

"We did that like twice. But one good time. I was out there for the whole summer, went to the crib, the whole joint. We recorded a bunch of stuff. I used the same technique. I got the beats from Otis and wrote to the beats. I didn’t change anything from it. I let him be the producer and I was the MC. I approached it the same way, where the first thought that I had I would just—syntax a little, say your first thought. Make sure your rhyme point game is on point though," he said.