This entire feud with Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem has helped revive MGK's career. He's currently opening for Fall Out Boy on tour and while that's not a bad look at all, he was not regarded as one of the top rappers to look out for. Now, and especially after "Rap Devil," he's on people's radar again. There was a lot to deconstruct in his interview with The Breakfast Club this morning and one of the biggest talking points has to be the anticipated response to "Killshot." People may already be choosing their winners in the beef but MGK considered dropping another track to speak his peace, once and for all.

He revealed to DJ Envy that he had planned to keep the beef going by releasing another cut but that "Killshot" actually stopped him from putting it out. "I had a clip ready," said MGK, "I heard 'Killshot' and I put that shit back in the holster. I'm like 'Oh word, aight, he called me a mumble rapper dog..." Machine Gun Kelly is the furthest thing from a mumble rapper. If anything, he's shown through this battle that he has the ability to spit. Charlamagne asked him why he wouldn't prove his point further by dropping another diss, to which MGK said, "This wasn't even on my path anyway."

If you were hoping for a response, don't hold your breath. The artist is dropping his EP Binge tomorrow, which is sure to get a lot more attention now than it would have a few weeks ago. Fast forward to the 16:30 spot to hear him speak about a potential rebuttal.