Former adult entertainer Mia Khalifa was a trending topic on Twitter after her name was involved in death hoax rumors. A baseless story that the sports commentator had committed suicide was circulating across social media as people reacted to the fake news. In fact, the trend was so powerful that Khalifa came back from the dead to drop some gems for her fans.

"Very Shocking....... Mia khalifa commits suicide.RIP #miakhalifaِ," wrote one fan in a tribute. The retired porn star quoted the tweet and added a snarky reply, which eventually led to the original post being deleted.

"Please don’t think I’m not keeping track of each of my friends that haven’t sent condolence flowers yet. I see you twats," wrote Khalifa.

She has also been in the news after a clip of Megan Fox went viral, speaking about how she was sexualized by Michael Bay as a minor. People are noting that both Fox and Mia Khalifa deserved better after they publicly addressed how they were treated in their separate industries.

She also took some time to clap black at a hater who brought up her past in an attempt to shame her. "That’s kinda mean, I haven’t been a hoe for like 6 years," she wrote on Twitter. "My hoeness has expired. I’m married and barely get laid."

Thankfully, Khalifa is still very much alive.