In one of the most shocking moves of the offseason, John Wall was traded away from the Washington Wizards in exchange for Russell Westbrook

If you've been following Mia Khalifa for the last few years -- and don't try to deny it, we know there are some of you here -- she's made it insurmountably clear that she's been rooting for the Wizards, her favorite team, and their star point guard John Wall. In the past, she has pleaded with Ronnie 2K to change Wall's rating on NBA 2K, and she even shared some suggestive shots to try and entice him. He didn't fall for the trap.

After years of watching Wall ball out for the Wizards, Mia Khalifa is forced to bid adieu to the hoops star, who will be becoming a Rocket. She was not happy about the trade.

"10 years... [heartbreak emoji] going to miss you in The District, @JohnWall," wrote the former adult film star on social media, posting a video of herself wiping away her tears.

She continued to react to the news over the weekend, sharing a TikTok video where she mimics Wall's walk-in routine, sobbing. "I’m not taking this news well," she said.

Growing up in Maryland, it's likely that Khalifa continues rooting for the Wizards. However, her allegiance to John Wall might see her becoming a closet Rockets fan.

Were you surprised by the trade?