In general, it's a bad idea to get a tattoo of your favorite celeb's face. Duh. But one guy took it to a whole new level of idiocy, as his favorite celeb happens to be a porn star. Yep, one poor young man wasn't content with watching Mia Khalifa do what she does best on Pornhub. Nope, he put a huge tattoo of her face on his leg. 

Now to be fair, Khalifa isn't an adult film star anymore, so maybe this chump is a fan of her well-known sports commentary on social media. Maybe he's exhausted all of the videos Khalifa churned out in her short-lived porn career. The tat is of her face, so clearly he's not a fan just for her sexual prowess. Whatever his reasoning for getting the ink, he's likely regretting it now. 

He got Khalifa to see the tattoo, and she was not in the least bit flattered -- not by the gesture itself nor the way her face was depicted. She criticized the overeager fan as well as the tattoo artist on both Instagram and Twitter. "First of all, you're an idiot," she began her message on Instagram. It only got harsher from there: 

"Second of all, my eyebrows are uneven. Third of all, what kind of two-for-one special did you get this tattoo on? I look I just crawled out of the depths of hell nose first." 

"Good luck explaining this to any future significant other," she told the fan, who probably doesn't have to worry about that anytime soon. She then called him an idiot once more for good measure. 

Khalifa then posted her Instagram roasting of the tat on Twitter, and warned the rest of her followers that she "will not condone this fuckery."