Miami during the 1980s was a wild time for a plethora of reasons. While it's probably best not to go too in-depth on that, it's important to note that the colors of the time seemed to be neon pink and blue. When it comes to the Miami Heat and their city edition jerseys, they have always merged those two colors together to create something that reminds us of the days when Miami Vice was the biggest show on television. Today, the Heat showed off yet another new city edition jersey, this time calling it "Vice Wave."

As you can see in the unveiling below, the jerseys are mostly blue with pink and white accents throughout. The Miami logo on the front is written in Miami Vice font which ties the aesthetic together quite nicely. Overall, it's a pretty beautiful uniform that fans are already excited about.

It seems as though the team will be wearing these jerseys quite soon and in just a couple of days, they will be available for purchase at this link. If you're a Miami Heat fan and have been waiting for this jersey, then this is an absolute must-cop.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the uniform and whether or not it's the best city edition jersey so far.