Michael Avenatti's worst fears have been confirmed, as the hotshot attorney has been indicted on 36 separate Federal counts. To make matters worse, the overlapping charges might interfere with his client-based relationships, both past, and present. Avenatti stands accused of embezzlement, wire fraud, tax evasion, bankruptcy fraud, and bank fraud, and several other lesser white collar crimes.

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Worst of all, Avenatti may very have taken advantage of a disabled person, with whom he stands accused of pilfering millions of dollars. As CNN went about describing him, Avenatti is one of the highest profile attorneys in the United States, based on his work in the past year or so.

Wednesday's indictment follows informal arraignments in both Los Angeles and New York City, none of which pertain to the allegations waged against him by Nike's executive branch. The company is believed to be readying a class action suit over $20 million they say he extorted through a tertiary party.

For that, a separate trial will be held at the Federal Government's discretion. In a statement posted on his Twitter this afternoon, Avenatti addressed the "bogus nonsense" he felt was coming from his critics. Within the same address, Avenatti reiterated his desire to remain a professional through and through. Before taking on the R. Kelly trial, Avenatti made a name for himself by representing Stormy Daniels in her solicitation suit against the nation's current president Donald Trump.