The future of Lauren London's career hung in the balance following the death of Nipsey Hussle. London was admittedly unsure of if she would navigate an acting career again, but after Michael B. Jordan reached out, she decided to lend her talents to the film, Without Remorse. Jordan and London star as a married couple who are expecting a child, but London revealed in an interview that the evolution of her character was why she decided to participate.

Jordan recently told Hello Beautiful that London was the perfect fit for the part and explained why he took a chance when he contacted her. “She’s been away for a while and she’s one of the strongest women I know and been through so much," he said.

"So, I had a crazy idea one night and was like, ‘Would you want to come do this?’ And then sent her the script and she thought she could bring something to the table," he added. "And she had something to offer and felt like it would be good for her. As artists, I think we express ourselves and, it’s therapeutic sometimes to get on set and to be able to do the things that we do. So in this particular situation, she helped me out so much when it comes to, talking about grief. And we talked about the mind state of where Kelly would be at on certain things and just seeing a strong Black woman in that way and be able to support me the way she did, I thought was extremely incredible.’

The interviewer jokingly commented that Jordan "put a woman on. He replied, “I mean, that’s why you do what I do in the sense of getting to a position to create opportunities for other talented people who may not have a shot at that. And, she’s dope, So it wasn’t like, it wasn’t like a, it wasn’t like a favor or anything like that. Like, she held like she’s dope and she held her own and she’s like, you know what I mean? So it made sense.’

Without Remorse premieres on Amazon Prime Video on April 30. If you haven't already seen the trailer for the film, you can watch it below.