Although Jordan was beat out by his co-star Chadwick Boseman last night for "Actor of the Year" at the Peoples' Choice Awards, he has possibly one-upped him as not just actor of the year but GQ's man of the year. Specifically, he was named "Leader of the Year," while Jonah Hill is "Director of the Year," Henry Golding is "Star of the Year" and the one and only Serena Williams is "Woman of the Year."

In his interview with GQ Jordan touched on his aspirations as an actor saying that, just like Pitbull, he wants to be "worldwide." The reason for his being named this year's "Leader" rather than "Actor" is because of his new production company. On the heels of Black Panther, which was lauded for its representation of the underrepresented in mainstream pop culture, Jordan has founded Outlier Society Productions,“because we're starting to realize our worth more and what we bring to the table.”

The founding of his company came after years of frustration at being pigeonholed into roles that were, although in good or even great movies, stereotypes of young black men (he gets killed as Wallace in The Wire and Oscar Wallace in Fruitvale Station): “You feel like you're pitted against each other, in hindsight. I was like, ‘Damn! Everybody should be able to, like, work and grow and eat together. We're not. Well, then, I guess there's not enough roles.’ ”