Despite it appearing as though he was killed off at the end of the first "Black Panther" movie, it seems as though Michael B. Jordan will be reprising his role as Killmonger in the rumored sequel to Black Panther. The news comes courtesy of Angela Bassett's husband Courtney B. Vance, who talked about Jordan on the red carpet of the SAG Awards.

According to CinemaBlend, Jordan spoke about a potential sequel at the SAG Awards and had this to say:

"Sequels, I think, are one of the hardest films to make, and I feel like to create a world and build upon it that’s so beautifully and delicately woven into the world of the Marvel Universe — but throughout cinema in general, you take Marvel out of it, I think it’s a movie that stands against all film across the board. So yeah, I think if there was an opportunity, I think everybody would be pretty excited to come back around."

It appears as though Ryan Coogler, who directed the first "Black Panther," would be back for the second one. Considering it's Marvel we're talking about here, a sequel is probably a definite thing at this point.

What are your hopes for the next "Black Panther" film?