The escalation last week in the feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B was pretty hellacious but now that the steam is blowing off, it's time to think of where the two superstars can head from here. While beef can certainly be beneficial to the game, one without any competitive fuel in the music being produced is a little dangerous. Considering Nicki and Cardi's differences stem more on the familial side of things, people will end up getting hurt if this continues. Now that everybody has had time to digest, people have begun to comment on if/how they think the two femcees will repair their relationship. After all, it wasn't too long ago that the two were co-starring on "Motorsport" but even that is riled in controversy now. Comedian Michael Blackson chimed in, giving his two cents on where he believes Cardi and Nicki will be at in thirty years.

He posted an image of the two as older women, cracking up over their "silly" beef. With the information that's been provided, they're really just fighting over speculation so silly is a pretty accurate description. Who knows whether Cardi or Nicki will still be making music in thirty years? Perhaps one or both of them will be considered as some of the greatest of all time. It's a long way into the future but chances are they'll be looking back on the shoe-throwing incident and shaking their heads.