Blac Chyna is trying not to let the leak of her sex tape affect her and you have to commend her for that. Chyna was chilling with Amber Rose, likely trying to forget about the negativity surrounding her name right now, with people like Star Brim critiquing her bedroom skills and others slut-shaming her. Comedian Michael Blackson decided to weigh in on the scandal on Instagram, posting a picture with Chyna and giving his two cents on the matter. Blackson captioned the photo, saying, "Now ya can stop calling her a hoe because hoes know how to suck a dick. She’s just a good girl that got caught up in some hoe shit."

Blac Chyna came up as a stripper and some would say that those in the profession are asking to be slut-shamed or criticized for their sexualized behavior or appearance. Chyna has always owned who she is and been proud of her body, inspiring women to appreciate themselves and be authentic. Blackson makes a good point when he writes that the former stripper is just a good girl that got caught up. Everybody makes decisions that they may regret and it is not cool to discredit others for their mistakes. 

The comedian ends off his post reminding people that it is Black History Month and the first primarily black super-hero film is in theaters right now, so why focus your energy on Blac Chyna?