Michael Blackson is usually the one with all the jokes but recently the Next Friday actor was the one who wasn't laughing when his luxury car ran out of gas in the middle of the road. According to TMZ, Michael didn't believe his Rolls Royce when it was telling him it needed gas (?) and found himself stranded at an intersection in Los Angeles. 

Michael admitted to the publication that he didn't know how to handle the issue but by the grace of luck, someone was nearby to help him out. The man in question was a sports rival to Michael as he was sporting a Dallas Cowboys jersey when Michael supports the Philadelphia Eagles. The unidentified man got Michael gassed up by cutting a water bottle to load up gas to then take to Michael's vehicle. 

"I'm gone keep this as a souvenir," Michael said of the water bottle. "I got gas now, a full tank - I will never ever run out of gas again." 

In other Michael news, the comedian recently expressed how grateful he was to work with Eddie Murphy in the upcoming Coming To America sequel. "Just him mentioning my name alone put chills in my body,” Michael previously stated. “That movie is probably the greatest movie of all time … The sequel is definitely happening, but for me to just be mentioned as a potential actor in this movie is a dream come true.”