Michael Cera has this perpetual awkwardness about him. Maybe it's because of his Superbad, Arrested Development, and Juno personalities, which elicited laughs from the audience based on his tactless methods. Cera recently sat down for "First We Feast: Hot Ones" with Sean Evans, and indulged in some of the hottest sauces known to man. 

Cera and Evans use The Scoville Scale (SHU) to rank the spiciness of the sauces during the interview. For those who are not accustomed to seasoned food, The Scoville Scale measures the pungency, or hotness, of food. One of the questions Evans asked Cera revolved around his friend and fellow actor Jonah Hill. Cera reveals that he is proud of his friend for visiting the "Jonah Hill Day" celebrations this year. The celebration was started by fans of Hill, and the actor decided to stop by and show some love to his supporters. 

After answering which film would be the best to watch while tripping on mushrooms (Fantastic Planet), Cera bit into the hottest of the show's sauces, dubbed "The Last Dab." The Scoville Scale placed the sauce at over 2,000,000, which is double the SHU of the fabled Ghost Pepper. Cera keeps his composure pretty well after eating the insanely hot sauce. What a guy.