Michael Che and Dave Chappelle have certainly made the past year of pandemic life more enjoyable. The duo have been friends for a while, but with Chappelle's Midnight Miracle podcast premiering last month along with Che's new HBO Max sketch show That Damn Michael Che, their respective talents have been keeping comedy fans satisfied. However, now on tour with the older comedian, Che can't seem to stop Chappelle's energy -- even during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Dave Chappelle

Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Che, who went on Kimmel's show to promote his new show and stand-up bout, was immediately interrupted by Chappelle. Joking that he is "staying at a friend's house," the SNL star laughed as Chappelle held up a vinyl of his new podcast and entered the screen to applause. The duo then poked fun at the hotel Che stays at while in Ohio, an old "haunted" hotel where Chappelle jokes he once "saw Colonel Sander's ghost."

In advance of the Chappelle's new documentary, which will detail how the comedian provided relief to his Ohio community with aid and comedy during the pandemic, the comedy duo spoke on how the socially distanced, outside shows help boost the spirits of those struggling. "We love doing it, it's something that the whole community looks forward to, Michael's been destroying it... some of the best jokes that I think anyone would ever hear and at a time when people really needed to hear 'em," Chappelle offered, "I think timing meant everything and it means a lot." Che made headlines recently doing similar community work by paying families' rents in the apartment building his late grandmother used to live in

The interview continues both with and without Chappelle's help, where the duo speak on everything from birthday gifts to Che's thoughts on making his own podcast. Watch the full video below: