Following the death of his grandmother who passed away from COVID-19, Michael Che has revealed that he's helping others who are facing unforeseen futures during this difficult time. The Saturday Night Live star took to social media earlier this month with sorrowful news that he'd lost his grandmother. "I actually believe this is 5G poising. and not because ive done any research on this, or even understand what 5G really is," he penned in a since-deleted message. "I just refuse to believe i lost my sweet, beautiful grandma, because some n*gga ate a bat one time. im sorry." 

Michael Che Grandmother
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

He's turned his grief into a good deed as Michael Che recently shared that he will pay rent for 160 residents who live in the same apartment complex that his grandmother once called home. “It’s crazy to me that residents of public housing are still expected to pay their rent when so many New Yorkers can’t even work,” the comedian shared on Wednesday (April 15).

“Obviously, I can’t offer much help by myself," he said. "But in the spirit and memory of my late grandmother, I’m paying one month’s rent for all 160 apartments in the NYCHA building she lived in.” Check out Michael Che's post in full below.