NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin seems to be slipping into madness after just one week of being quarantined without live sports.

Irvin posted a video of a recent Corona commercial on Thursday morning along with this bizarre commentary: "Since I am not a beer drinker. Maybe it’s just me. But I believe that ⁦@corona⁩ beer SHOULD NOT be running their commercials at this time. Sorry I don’t want to hear how a Corona gets it’s lime while the Coronavirus is getting lives."

Michael Irvin

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

When a fan asked if he was okay, Irvin replied: "NO I am not ok and you are not ok either. NONE of us are OK. We are all stuck in our homes without any freaking live sports, what so ever, as the economy grinds to a damn near stop!!!!"

The Cowboys legend received enough replies from people who genuinely thought he believed that Corona beer and the coronavirus were related that he was forced to clarify that he was, indeed, just joking. This is the second time this week that The Playmaker has stuck his foot in his mouth - the first being when he over-exaggerated DeAndre Hopkins' remarks about Texans coach Bill O'Brien.

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