Over the last few years, the Dallas Cowboys have been one of the biggest teams to watch in the NFL but at this point, that should be expected. Everybody knows about just how important that franchise is to the league and at the helm of it all, is quarterback Dak Prescott. Prescott came in a replaced an injured Tony Romo and showed incredible poise and promise. There have been a ton of expectations placed on Dak and he hasn't been able to live up to all of them, unfortunately. Early playoff exits and lackluster performances have plagued Prescott, although Cowboys legend Michael Irvin isn't so quick to place any criticism on him.

“(People) don’t appreciate the charisma as a talent and gift,” Irvin said in an interview with USA TODAY Sports. “It’s got to be the greatest talent in this business we don’t count. This is why Tom Brady has six rings. Rarely, rarely do you get the heart and soul of the football team at the quarterback position."

Harry How/Getty Images

Irvin also spoke about Prescott's ability to win and that people are overanalyzing him to a point where they've forgotten how good he is. 

“It’s insane sometimes when I hear the analysis on Dak Prescott and this man has won as many games as he’s won,” Irvin said. “It’s like everyone’s looking for a reason not to believe, instead of opening their eyes for all the reasons they should believe.”

Do you agree with Irvin or is Prescott simply not cutting it for the Cowboys?