Leaving Neverland has sparked discussion surrounding Michael Jackson’s history of alleged sexual abuse. The singer’s estate has denied all claims against Jackson. Wade Robson, one of Jackson’s accusers that appeared in the doc, burned memorabilia belonging to Michael Jackson in Leaving Neverland. However, it looks like he tried to pawn off some of these items in 2011 anonymously.

According to The Blast, Wade Robson once tried to auction off Michael Jackson memorabilia in 2011. Julien's Auction, an auction house that once handled bidding behind Jackson memorabilia, responded to fans questioning whether the items Robson tried to auction were real. "Wade consigned his collection to us directly. He was the person who we paid when we sold his collection. He needed the money," they said.

 “Wade asked to remain anonymous and said that he did not want anyone to know that it was him selling it the items in 2011. But we did not agree to that and listed it as the Wade Robson collection. He consigned multiple items and wanted us to sell all items of his that had value," they added.

Julien's website reveals they sold two items provided by Robson. One of the items was the black forearm gloves from the "Bad" video and the other is a fedora from the "Smooth Criminal" music video. The gloves sold for $31,250 while the hat went for $49,920.

Jackson's estate, who recently filed a $100M lawsuit against HBO for airing the documentary, believe this is more evidence that proves that Robson is not a true victim and that he's only in it for money.