With all the commotion regarding Leaving Neverland and the allegations made against Michael Jackson, his two accusers in the documentary have been relatively silent since the series aired. While both Wade Robson and James Safechuck are likely processing how to handle the backlash and support they've received, Robson is finally speaking out about his alleged abuser in a new video interview. TMZ cameras caught up to the man at the airport and asked him if he believes that Michael Jackson's music should be muted. He responded by saying that the issue is larger than music and Michael Jackson himself.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

While speaking to the publication, Wade noted that he's unbothered by the people who are still listening to Michael Jackson after these new allegations have been made. "That's not really my concern," he said. "That's everybody's individual journey, you know. If I have any hope, it's just that we question, in general, who it is that we're worshipping and why. It's beyond Michael."

He goes on to say that he does not listen to MJ because of his own personal experiences, which were detailed in the documentary. Wade Robson also addressed the people that don't believe his story, telling cameras that sometimes it takes time to process these things. He also says that people will believe what they want to believe.