The revived claims of child molestation against Michael Jackson have caused a divide among his fan base. Some people believe that he's guilty of the crimes that he was acquitted of while others think that Leaving Neverland is simply a smear campaign against the singer. However, as the Leaving Neverland documentary proved, controversy sells and now, a German exhibit has launched an art exhibit inspired by the late singer.

Bundeskunsthalle museum in Bonn, Germany launched an exhibit called "Michael Jackson: On The Wall" which depicts some provocative imagery of the singer. One piece created by David LaChapelle called "American Jesus: Archangel Michael Jackson" shows Michael Jackson standing on top of the devil with angel wings behind him. "Hold Me, Carry Me Boldly," another piece from LaChapelle, portrays the late-singer being carried in the arms of Jesus.

Chesnot/Getty Images 

A piece from Kehinde Wiley shows Jackson's face on Spain's King Phillip II's body. It should be noted that Wiley and LaChapelle's pieces were created years ago.

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

It's an interesting time to launch the exhibit considering the current controversy surrounding the singer's name. Since Leaving Neverland aired, radio stations across the world have pulled his music, The Simpsons pulled the episode featuring Michael Jackson from their catalog, and even Drake took off "Don't Matter To Me," which features posthumous Jackson vocals, from his current European tour.