Michael Jackson's estate is trying their hardest to protect Michael's legacy in the wake of Leaving NeverlandWade Robson and James Safechuck detailed the alleged abuse they faced at the hands of Michael Jackson when they were kids but the estate of the late singer, as well as Michael's family, have made it clear that they believe the two men are lying. Wade Robson filed an appeal of the sexual abuse case dismissal but the estate claims they have proof that Robson is lying.

Lee Calano - Pool/Getty Images

According to The Blast, Michael Jackson's estate is trying to shut down Robson's request for an appeal, saying, "Michael Jackson is dead, and that Robson missed the probate claims filing deadlines by several years." They added, "you cannot sue a dead man.”

The estate continued to point out that Michael Jackson can't defend himself against these allegations made in Leaving Neverland, saying Robson is “free to press his accusations against Jackson in the court of public opinion — as he has done so loudly and repeatedly — without fear of being sued for defamation.”

In 2017, a judge determined the two Michael Jackson-owned companies that were named as defendants in Wade Robson's abuse case weren't liable for Robson's exposure to Jackson.

Attorneys for the estate, Howard Weitzman and Jonathan Steinsapir, said, “Although Robson’s allegations that the Corporations knew or had reason to know of abuse is not challenged for purposes of this appeal, the Corporations note that not a single former employee who Robson cites as claiming to have believed Jackson was acting inappropriately ever went to the police.”

The lawyers also argued that Robson's own mother testified in front of a grand jury, claiming MJ was innocent. They also alleged that employees were paid tons of money by tabloids after leaving the singer's company, claiming producers pressured them to fabricate the allegations of sexual abuse. They also mentioned that Michael Jackson controlled the corporations,  “not the other way around,” and said that they believe these companies can't be held accountable. 

MJ's estate wants the case dismissed.