It's no secret Michael Jackson's estate has been up in arms ever since the Leaving Neverland hype starting picking up. After all, HBO has a longstanding relationship with Michael Jackson dating back to the airing of Michael Jackson Live in Concert in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour in 1992. Jackson's estate claims a non-disclosure agreement when the King of Pop signed off on the concert footage.

According to the deposition, the NDA called for HBO to withhold from any "foul talk" against Michael Jackson for an indiscriminate amount of time. "HBO shall not make any disparaging remarks concerning Performer or any of his representatives, agents, or business practices or do any act that may harm or disparage or cause to lower in esteem the reputation or public image of.." reads the disclaimer which surfaced in court this afternoon.

The lawsuit could see HBO lose up to $100 million in damages if proven liable on all counts. As you likely already know, Leaving Neverland is centered on the allegations of two of MJ's known accusers: James Safechuck and Wade Robson, who are now claiming that Jackson molested them when they were children. The lawsuit also claims that Safechuck and Robson hold absolutely no credibility given the fact they both took an oath absolving the King of Pop of any molestation.