It isn't every day that Michael Jackson's children sit down for interviews, but eldest son Prince Jackson, born Michael Joseph Jackson II, did just that when he chatted virtually with The Mix. The Foux Soul show has several hosts including Zonnique Pullins and Romeo Miller, and recently, Prince appeared on the series to discuss his Heal Los Angeles Foundation charity and, of course, chat about his music legend father who passed away in 2009.

Prince Jackson, Michael Jackson, The Mix, Fox Soul Heal LA
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The hosts wanted to know if the Jackson kids, like children all over the world, ever got together when they were younger to dance to their father's hits. "Of course," Prince said with a laugh. "I haven't actually met someone who hasn't, to be honest. Always great to hear, but my favorite memory I have [is] one with my sister [Paris Jackson], my brother [Bigi Jackson] was in the room, but it was my sister and we were worked up about like, saving the animals, and we did a protest in our bedroom listening to 'They Don't Care About Us.'"

Elsewhere, the 24-year-old celebrity kid shared what it was like growing up in not only a famous family but one with an unprecedented Motown legacy. "A lot of people ask me this question [and] I think it comes off like, oh, it was an aha moment where it just kinda clicked and everybody was like, oh, my family's famous," Prince answered.

Prince Jackson, Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson, The Mix, Fox Soul
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"But it's really more like, there was little seeds as I was growing up and getting older and I saw that people would follow us around and people would just wanna reach out and touch my dad," he continued. "It was really when I was around ten or eleven in the Middle East when I was watching a video of my father performing and I don't remember the name of the tour, it may have been the History Tour. He was performing outside and you see this sea of people and there's people fainting in the audience."

Prince joked that he later asked his uber-famous father what it was all about because he didn't feel like fainting in his presence. Watch the 12-minute interview in full below.