Michael Jordan's career has been on full display in the ESPN documentary "The Last Dance" and so far, the first six episodes have all been incredible. We've gotten a glimpse into Jordan's vicious feud with the Detroit Pistons, while also getting some insight into the "Dream Team" and how it was everyone's awakening that MJ was the greatest player in the world, no questions asked.

One of the sides of Jordan that hasn't been explored fully, is just how mean he could be to his teammates. Jordan was extremely competitive and had interesting ways of motivating his peers. Back in the 90s, it was reported that Jordan had even punched Steve Kerr in the face during practice. Now, the tale of that punch will be told in next week's edition of "The Last Dance" and in the trailer below, we get an inside scoop on how it all went down.

Jordan and Kerr are pretty open about the incident and it doesn't seem like there are any hard feelings, all these years later. Not to mention, they continued to win a title together which at the end of the day, is all MJ really wanted to do.

Hopefully, there are even more great stories like this one, in the final four episodes.