Michael Jordan is one of, if not the best player to ever step on a basketball court. He broke multiple records during his time in the NBA and he won six championships during an era in which it was really difficult to do such a thing. He was also a tremendous player in college who won a National Championship with North Carolina, all while being crowned NCAA Player Of The Year by The Sporting News back in 1983. 

Now, a piece of history from Jordan's 1982-83 season has been sold for a pretty obscene price through Heritage Auctions. Jordan memorabilia has been gaining steam on the market thanks to everything that went down with "The Last Dance" and recently, his game-worn Tar Heels jersey from '83 was sold for a whopping $1.38 million.

Michael Jordan

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This same jersey first hit the auction block back in 1999 although, at the time, it only sold for $63,000. Over 20 years later, the sports memorabilia market has shifted dramatically and now, pieces are selling for exorbitant prices, which is what ultimately led to this most recent auction.

Kobe Bryant gear has also been selling quickly these days and it seems like sports collectors are making sure they have everything they need. With prices continuing to grow, we can only imagine what this stuff will be worth in another 50 years from now.

Michael Jordan

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