Michael Jordan's sneaker legacy is one that will most certainly last a lifetime. Back in 1985, his Air Jordan 1 was released to the world and there were various iconic colorways that came with it. One of those was the infamous white, black, and red Chicago model which was an homage to his Bulls. Over the years, many of Jordan's original shoes have hit the auction block and they have consistently sold for some pretty obscene prices.

Now, yet another "Chicago" Air Jordan 1 has hit the auction block although this time around, it is a signed sample from 1985. According to TMZ, this model was most likely produced between February and April of 1985 and was never actually worn by the Bulls superstar. The shoe was acquired by a gas company executive who professed his love for Jordan in a random meeting with a high-up sports executive.

Michael Jordan

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The shoe is being sold by RR Auctions and the bidding process is set to end on June 16th. They are hoping to sell these for $250K although for now, the highest bid comes in just under $100K. Needless to say, these are a piece of history and there are plenty of collectors out there who would be eager to acquire these.

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Air Jordan 1

Image via RR Auctions