Michael Jordan is one of the most successful athletes of all-time and will forever be known as one of the greatest players to ever do it. He is also insanely rich as his net worth is over $2 billion. When you have that much money, you are able to pick and choose whichever endorsements you believe are worth your time. Thanks to MJ's profile, he is constantly being hit up with huge opportunities although he doesn't always accept them.

Earlier this week, we reported on how MJ once turned down a $100 million deal even though it only required about two hours of his time. Now, Jordan's son Marcus is weighing in on this matter, noting that the company should have reached out to him as he would have had a lot more leverage with his father.

In typical Twitter fashion, the trolls entered Marcus' comments section and told him that his father still wouldn't have come through, most notably because he still buys Jordans off of the Nike SNKRS App. As hilarious as that is, you can't help but agree with the point Marcus is making. I mean, after all, you would think MJ would come through for his son, especially if $100 million was involved.

Regardless, it looks like we'll truly never know.