Michael Rapaport Blasts Pete Davidson For Not Apologizing After Suicide Scare

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February 01, 2019 16:49
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Michael Rapaport feels personally offended over Pete Davidson's suicide note.

Michael Rapaport is one of the most outspoken people in entertainment but that does get him into some hot water sometimes. Speaking to "You Up With Nikki Glaser" on Sirius XM's Comedy Central Radio, he opened up about his controversial stance on Ariana Grande and why he's still upset with Pete Davidson over his suicide scare on social media.

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Rapaport stirred up a lot of controversy in 2018 after he called out Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson after Davidson posted a troubling Instagram post about suicide. Rapaport blamed Grande for the scare which he doubled down on while speaking with Glaser.

"This is f–––––g Ariana Grande's fault," he said. "So I sent a tweet about Ariana Grande, I said something like, 'She's 25, she acts 12, without all the makeup, the high-heeled boots, she's not as cute as my barista at Starbucks...No disrespect to Starbucks.' And then [people] were like, this is sexist and it went on."

He added, "And was like, I'm not apologizing for this s––t anyway! And I was, like, because in twenty years she's going to be like Mariah Carey f–––––g up the lyrics to her own song, drunk at a New Year's thing."

Rapaport discussed Davidson's Instagram post and claimed that he was offended for the fact that the SNL star didn't apologize or "acknowledge it."

"The Pete Davidson thing, I was annoyed with this f–––––g guy and his f–––––g suicide attempt note, and then not apologizing for it. That really offended me," he said. "The fact that he's come back and didn't acknowledge—yo to all my fans, to the New York City police department, to the people I work with and all my fans that were worried—I apologize for saying that."

Rapaport continues to explain that when he had a hospital scare, he made sure to tell his fans that he was fine. He went on to say that Pete's lack of apology is some sucker shit before concluding on a bit of a more positive note. "We're glad you're good, but you freaked everybody out," he said.


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