Michael Rapaport has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Barstool Sports for breach of contract and defamation, claiming he’s still owed $375,000 stemming from a deal he made with the sports entertainment website for $600,000. 

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Rapaport also claims Barstool engaged in a “campaign to discredit” and embarrass him, including accusing him of having herpes and releasing a line of shirts depicting him as a red nose-wearing clown. He wants to make it clear, in legal documents, that he does not have herpes. Additionally, Rapaport is seeking a percentage of all the merchandise sold with his image after he was fired.

Rapaport was unceremoniously fired from Barstool back in February, following a brief stint with the company, after he bashed the site's rabid and loyal fanbase of "Stoolies" and got into heated arguments with several Barstool personalities on social media. 

According to TMZ Sports, Portnoy released the following statement regarding Rapaport's lawsuit: “Michael Rapaport is a loser. There is nothing worse than somebody who claims to be the king of trash talk and then cries when people respond in kind. Unfortunately as much I’d love to take credit for ruining his career he did it to himself by being an unhinged lunatic. We wish him nothing but the best as he fades into oblivian.”