Micheal Strahan may have dodged a bullet with ex-wife Jean Muggli Strahan, who's obsessive behavior has landed her in a New York jail. According to TMZ, Jean Muggli Strahan was arrested on Friday after showing up at ex-girlfriend Marianne Ayer's New York apartment -- a violation of a legal order of protection filed by Ayer. Muggli Strahan was taken into custody and charged with criminal contempt. Jean Muggli has been accused of abusive behavior before, specifically by Strahan.

Marianne Ayer filed legal documents against Jean Strahan in June after months of alleged harassment following the couple's breakup. Ayer claims her ex-girlfriend took her son's plastic gun, claimed it was real, and threatened her with it. The legal documents also accused Jean Strahan of abusing her pets, allegedly kicking and shoving her German Shepherd. All of these accusations were filed under charges of grand larceny, disorderly conduct, forcible touching, harassment, and coercion. 

Michael Strahan

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Michael Strahan married Jean Muggli Strahan in 1999. The couple had two twin daughters, Isabella and Sophia, in 2004, before divorcing in 2006. In March 2020, the former football player and TV host accused Jean Muggli of similar offenses against their twin daughters. According to TMZ, Strahan, who gave Muggli over $15 million for their divorce settlement, accused his ex-wife of being both emotionally and physically abusive to their daughter. Strahan is still engaged in a battle for full custody of his daughters and wants his ex-wife to face charges for the abuse. 

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