Cam Newton struggled in his first two games of the season and now, he is nursing a foot injury which is threatening to keep him out of the lineup for quite a while. Since Newton is injured, we haven't really heard much from him which means we haven't been subjected to some of his truly bizarre outfits. For instance, Newton was compared to the Big Bad Wolf because of his hairstyle and peculiar get up.

On the surface, Newton's outfits aren't all that offensive and are simply a talking piece to have fun on social media with. Well, former NFL quarterback Michael Vick seems to think these outfits are indicative of a bigger problem. During an appearance on FS1's Speak For Yourself, Vick explained how Newton should focus more on playing football and forget about being a spectacle in the locker room with his fashion choices. 

"This isn’t a fashion show," Vick said matter of factly. "This is football."

As you can imagine, the fedora enthusiast himself, Jason Whitlock, immediately agreed with Vick and said fashion should be reserved for wide receivers, not the sacred position that is: quarterback. These takes are pretty bold even for Whitlock's standards but alas, here we are.

Let us know how you feel about Cam and his outfits. Are they really a problem or is this a non-issue? Sound off in the comments.