They've gone down in the music history books as a record-breaking, chart-topping, world touring, hitmaking trio that can never be duplicated, but fans are revisiting Destiny's Child's catalog with caution. Recently, social media lit up with jokes after people began criticizing some of our favorite R&B hits. Many people quipped that those tracks are the reason why some of them got into relationship trouble because the songs were dishing out bad advice, and a 17-year-old classic that received keen attention was Destiny's Child's "Cater 2 U."

The lyrics go a little something like: "Let me help you / Take off your shoes / Untie your shoe strings / Take off your cufflinks (Yeah) / What you wanna eat, boo? (Yeah) / Let me feed you / Let me run your bathwater / Whatever you desire, I'll supply ya / Sing you a song / Turn the game on / I'll brush your hair / Help you put your do-rag on / Want a foot rub (Yeah) / Want a manicure / Baby I'm yours I wanna cater to you, boy."

Soon, Gen Zers were calling for the "cancelation" of the song but it didn't take long for "Black Twitter" to jump in and let them know that wouldn't be happening. Soon, Michelle Williams hopped into the conversation and while donning a filter, she tapped into her acting bag and pretended to be a woman responding to the backlash.

"I just read that y'all just wanna cancel the song 'Cater 2 U' by Destiny's Child," she said with a Southern drawl. "Oh honey, you didn't discern who you were catering to and gave your little pearls to swine, don't be mad at Destiny's Child." Check out the post, as well as a few reactions, below.