By now, you've watched as the Black is King takeover has swept the world. Beyoncé shared her visual album just days ago and people near and far have been applauding her effort to bring African artists and culture to the forefront of mainstream media. Some celebrated the Disney Plus+ film while others offered up their criticisms, but as those conversations drifted throughout social media, fans noticed that there was a familiar face missing from the production. Beyoncé included her Destiny's Child groupmate and childhood friend Kelly Rowland in the film, but Michelle Williams was nowhere to be seen.

Michelle Williams, Beyonce, Black is King, Instagram
Frederick M. Brown / Stringer / Getty Images

Michelle Williams shared a few of her favorite moments from Black is King over on Instagram and wrote in the caption to a social media post, "When you’re trying to figure out what your favs are from #BlackIsKing! Ehhhhhhh just post ‘em all!!" A fan jumped in and asked her where she was in the photos, and Michelle offered up a short response.

"I’m in the upper right corner minding my business!" she replied, referring to her Instagram picture. It didn't give anyone a satisfactory answer, but the ladies have always stated that they have a deep love for one another and see each other as sisters. We may never know why Michelle didn't make an appearance, but it most likely doesn't have to do with anything scandalous. Check out Michelle's post below.