It doesn't seem like Migos are having the best week. Earlier this week we reported on how the trio of rappers got into a brawl during a Nashville show, when one member got his chain snatched. Now more unfortunate news arrives, alleging that Migos robbed concert promoters at gunpoint.

The report arrives from KFVS News (via HHDX), and states that Migos were slated to perform in Evansville, Indiana on Sunday night, but they never performed. 41 South, the entertainment company who planned and promoted the show, say that they paid the Atlanta natives $11,000 up front. They also had $10,000 in cash on hand to pay them following their performance. However, police reports say that the rappers took the cash and skipped out on the show. The officials from 41 South state that when they tried to confront the group, they pointed two guns at them.

No arrests have been made yet, but we'll keep you updated as the situation develops.