When your father is the President of the UFC, you can expect to be pretty spoiled. His past birthday parties have probably been pretty cool but Dana's son Aidan turned 16 with ultimate style, rocking with a few of the biggest names hip-hop has to offer. It's probably not cheap to book performances by either the Migos or A$AP Rocky. In fact, booking just one member of the Migos is probably a fortune. However, Dana White couldn't let his son's sixteenth birthday go by without giving him the sickest birthday party a teenage boy can ask for.

Aidan rung in his sweet sixteen with performances from Migos and A$AP Rocky at Drai's in Las Vegas, cementing him as one of the coolest kids on the planet. If that wasn't enough, DJ Carnage also attended the festivities. TMZ managed to snap some photos and videos of the event, showing Migos performing their track "Bricks" with Carnage and Rocky hitting everyone with "Yamborghini High." Aidan was so hyped that he even dove from the stage at one point, surfing atop the crowd for a few moments.

The teen also upped his status by way of his birthday gift from dad: a customized Land Rover Defender. Aidan will be riding around in one of the most exclusive whips reminiscing about how the Migos and Rocky performed at his party for years. Shouts out to Dana White for organizing the event. Your son is bound to be happy for a minute after this. Check out the videos below.