The feud between Layzie Bone and the Migos has intensified in the last few days. When the Bone Thugs member decided to record a diss track against the Atlanta trio and 21 Savage, he was initially responding to their claims that they were the biggest rap group ever. Despite some backup from Bizzy Bone on Instagram, 21 and Migos have been rather unbothered by all of this. They seem to be taking it in stride. Layzie won't let it die though as he's shared an old photo of himself with the "Walk It Talk It" rappers on his socials.

Layzie Bone has been labelled a cranky old head throughout the feud and he's trying to bring people over to his side by offering some context behind the 2017 photo. He wrote, "If I was so much of a old man hating on the new talent then why am I standing in this picture with my arms around @migos?" He added, "I took my kids to there [sic] concert dead tired off the road and not really dressed for it BECAUSE I SUPPORTED THEM!!!! All y’all new followers that don’t know me that’s hating on me you should know I love music and I can relate to there music because I REALLY WALK IT LIKE I TALK IT!!!"

What do you think of this beef? Has it already run its course?