Migos just shared their latest endorsement of Finish Line, the U.S. sneaker franchise secretly owned by a UK retail giant. Finish Line still does the bulk of their business Stateside despite the acquisition. Market research convince them to snatch up Migos as corporate sponsors, while the trio's brand was undergoing its sharpest increase in years. By starring in short commercials, Migos has been tasked with connecting their existing fanbase with the consumer market.

In their latest advert titled "Fresh Drip," the Migos team joyride in a cranky ice cream truck outfitted with a giant Under Armour shoe. Shaky suspension makes the roof ornament bobble dangerously when the truck comes to a screeching halt. The Migos team, proud sellers of Finish Line merchandise, brace themselves for a windfall of customers all filed behind Phoenix Suns' forward Josh Jackson.

The 2nd-year NBA talent is coincidentally Under Armour's ambassador for their HOVR Havocsneaker, a shoe lined with something the scientific community refers to as "Energy Web technology."

The commercial ends on a happy note: Migos reach their sales quota, Josh Jackson improves his vertical, and a young boy leaves a Finish Line retailer a happy customer, his HOVR Havoc purchase in hand.