Occasionally, cultures can collide in some hilarious and unexpected ways. While Migos are no strangers to high-end automobiles, they found themselves where few rappers have dared venture - a NASCAR race. And seeing as the trifecta are among the game's elite commercial prospects, even FOX news couldn't resist seizing the opportunity. As the broadcast transitions to the field, an unknown voice can be heard muttering "Oh God", leaving us to draw our own conclusions. Yet reported Michael Waltrip seems excited to meet the group; he even attempts his own dab, which looks more like a noncommittal "Falcon Punch."  

Luckily, Quavo and Takeoff haven't lost a step, and immediately proceed to teach him the correct technique. When Waltrip inquires about the whereabouts of Offset, Takeoff points downward in the real life equivalent of a cutaway gag. "He in the coupe right now." Cut to Offset behind the wheel, yelling "SKRRRT SKRRRRT." After asking the group for some musical stylings, Waltrip leads off with his own rendition of stir-fry. Migos seem to be loving it, and continue where he left off.

While their strange interview style may be off putting to some, it's actually rather amusing once you begin to understand their dry, ad-lib laden sense of humor. While the combination of Migos and Fox News might cause you to raise the People's Eyebrow, rest assured it's an amusing watch, with respect showed by both parties (the "oh God" notwithstanding). Catch the footage below.