Friday was a busy day in the rap game. Fans have been waiting on two projects heavily over the months, Polo G's Hall Of Fame and Migos Culture III. Of course, the latter has been a topic of conversation since the release of Culture II in 2018 with fans hoping that they'll return to form on their next project. More importantly, both Migos and Polo G delivered bodies of work that will produce several anthems for the summer.

Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

The questions remains: who is coming out on top on the Billboard 200 this week? Well, it looks like it might very well be Polo G. The young rapper's latest project, Hall Of Fame is expected to do astronomical numbers in its first week. Polo's project is on pace to move anywhere between 165K-175K. Out of those sales, 4K to 7K of those will be from pure sales.

Meanwhile, Migos are still on pace to do six figures. Culture III is expected to move 125K-135K in its first week with 5K-8K deriving from pure sales. Migos' last album, Culture II did 199K in its first week. 

These predictions will give Polo G and Migos the number one and two spot on the Billboard 200, respectively.

Both albums have been steady rotation on our end. Which album are you bumping more? Culture III or Hall Of Fame? Let us know in the comment section.