Migos have been on the receiving end up plenty of lawsuits this year, but now, they're taking legal action against a former business partner. The ATL rappers are accusing their YRN business partner of screwing them out of their royalties for the clothing label.

According to The Blast, Migos have filed a lawsuit against YRN (Yung Rich Nation), accusing the clothing brand of failing to cut them the proper cheque from sales and for not providing them with proper accounting, ultimately making it unclear as to how much they're owed. The rappers penned a deal with YRN in 2015 to work on clothing, jewelry and other types of apparel. They were supposed to be paid a percentage of royalties from the sales.

Migos allege the former business partner refused to turn over the finances after demanding for their proper share of earnings. They accuse YRN of producing clothes with other notable Migos-related slogans, such as "Culture" and "Bad and Boujee," without their permission.

Migos are now suing for an injunction prohibiting the clothing brand from making more money off their brand and for unspecified damages. 

The lawsuit filed by the Migos comes after YRN sued the group earlier this year. YRN claimed the "Stir Fry" trio were supposed to rock YRN clothes in six music videos per year, be part of four photo shoots and make atleast six appearances in the store. However, they alleged that Migos entered a new deal with UMG to sell band merch and put their planned line to a halt. However, Migos have denied any sort of wrong doings and demanded the suit be tossed.