The "Walk It Talk It" video release over the weekend was an intricate and delightful treat for Migos fans, as the Drake-featuring single channeled Soul Train to take viewers on a "Culture Ride." Cardi B has already expressed her obsession with Offset's look in the video but his compatriots Quavo and Takeoff's attires were just as elaborate. Quavo donned a Jimi Hendrix-inspired get-up on the '70's-era Soul Train nostalgia ride, while Takeoff opted for a poofy blonde afro. While Takeoff's look does not appear to be dramatically linked to anybody, the costume designer hired for the video informed Complex that the rapper had personally requested the 'do.

"He wanted a blonde wig and so did Yachty. Yachty was like, 'Do you have another blonde wig?' And I was like, 'You know what? I do.' So he got the other blonde wig. Takeoff wanted to be cute and different," remarked Rasheeda Ameera who designed the looks for the vintage clip. The designer noted that Quavo and Offset had specific checklists for their wigs as well, noting, "Offset wanted a part in his wig. Quavo definitely had like the Jimi Hendrix thing going on."

Revealing that many of the clothing on set was purchased at thrift shops around Los Angeles, there was originally a shortage of wigs on the day of shooting. After purchasing 10 wigs around L.A. and taking advantage of Amazon Prime's same-day shipping, the video shoot was saved. Read more of the costume designer's remarks via Complex and watch the video here.