Miguel had scheduled an appearance at a nightclub in San Diego, Side Bar, this past Wednesday night, however things went south when there was an apparent misunderstanding between the singer and the club owner.

Miguel showed up, as planned, but was not prepared to actually perform-- he was under the impression, according to his contract with the owner, that this was just a hosting gig. However the owner says the two had come to a verbal agreement that Miguel would sing one song. Obviously Miguel was not having it, as the singer erupted on the club's owner, and had to be held back from fighting him.

Although Miguel told the owner he wasn't down to sing, the owner kept pushing a mic in Miguel's face-- thus causing Miguel's ire. In footage from inside the club, we see Miguel yelling, "get the fuck outta my face," in an attempt to fight him, but he's held back by a bodyguard.

Check that out below.