When Maroon 5 was announced to be performing at the next Super Bowl halftime show, some people were upset about the choice. Obviously, Adam Levine's group is one of the biggest musical acts in the world. Their song with Cardi B is currently at the top of the charts and it makes sense for the NFL to reach out with an offer. However, considering this year's festivities will take place in Atlanta, many were hoping for a group with ties to the city. Possibly the Migos or even Gucci Mane. There have already been reports about artists that can potentially join the band on stage, with Cardi B being one of the leading names. Apparently, she's pushing to have a full set rather than a minor appearance, something that Miguel is down for.

TMZ caught up with Miguel as he returned from Las Vegas when the cameraman asked about Cardi B's potential performance at the Super Bowl. He seemed disinterested in sticking around for long (who can blame him?) but he is definitely into the prospect of Bardi running laps around the football field in 2019. The singer refrained from offering too much of an opinion but he did say that Cardi would kill it if she got her own set. 

It would make sense for the superstar to come out for her spot on "Girls Like You" but will she be granted a full set? Only time will tell.