Congratulations to all you Spanish-speaking Miguel fans out there, as some news has just appeared that might be right up your alley. While Miguel only just released his last album, War & Leisure, in November, he's already bringing some crucial info about what he's got coming up next.

According to Rap-Up, while performing at Power 106 LA's Power House festival, Miguel confirmed that he's working on a new album that will solely be sung in Spanish.

This is a great career move for Miguel, as Spanish music has never been more popular over in the states. Artists such as Luis Fonsi and Bad Bunny are dominating the Billboard charts without ever having to speak a word of English. That being said, Miguel was born in America, and he's previously admitted his concerns with doing such a project.

In an interview with Power 106 back in 2012, Miguel admitted that he maybe wasn't ready to do Spanish songs yet. "I want to be able to write an entire song in Spanish, but I’m practicing my Spanish now just so I can get it," said Miguel. "Songs in Spanish are so poetic. I think that’s one of my favorite things about Latino music, and the rhyme scheme is completely different. So I’m really nervous to do it, I don’t want it to be bad, but I’m really excited to do it."

That was six years ago, so it seems that now Miguel has finally reached the point where he feels confident in writing Spanish songs. He's already given listeners a taste of what's to come, when he did a Spanish version of his song, "Sky Walker."