Coming off the release of his new single with RL Grimes called "Stay For It," Miguel made his way by Snoop Dogg’s GGN show recently & talk about what he has on the way.

Right after the 12-minute mark of their interview, Miguel decided to play Snoop a preview of a new record that will see life on one of his three upcoming project. The Wildheart singer didn’t reveal the title of the song, but he did say it should be coming out sometime next month and it's sounding pretty fire.

“I need this on my DJ playlist,” Snoop tells Miguel. “You know I break records, man. You would want it to be in my hands.”

In addition to the new music, Miguel also talks about his insipration, fiance Nazanin Mandi, past jobs, new film career, & more. Check out the full episode (below) and fast forward to the 12:20-minute mark to hear the upcoming Miguel single.