Yesterday was the 9th anniversary of Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Every year, when November 22nd comes around, people are reminded to give the record a full spin (if it's not already in their regular rotation) and take to social media to praise the classic. The praise usually touches on "Devil In A New Dress", which many believe to be the album's strongest song. 

Yesterday, in honour of the anniversary, Complex shared a meme imagining Kanye's reaction after making the magnum opus that is "Devil In A New Dress". In response, a fan pointed out that credit should be given to "B!NK who made the beat and [Mike Deanwith the solo." Mike Dean saw this tweet and felt inclined to clarify that he had not just contributed a guitar solo, but had "made the whole section." The section in reference is the breakdown in the beat that was added after Kanye shared a more sparse version of the song during his G.O.O.D. Fridays series. 

B!NK stumbled upon Mike Dean claiming to be responsible for much more than the solo and forcefully stated that this was not the case. This appeared to be the final straw of B!NK allowing his production on the song to go overlooked. "To all these stupid ass platforms that left me out of my record for the 9th year in a row! No excuse!! Plain disrespectful!" he wrote. Mike Dean tried to de-escalate the exchange at first, suggesting that both their work was essential in making "magic," but B!NK was having none of it. "You replaying what i already had ain’t writing mf!" B!NK replied. This triggered Mike to criticize B!NK's initial beat as just "another hiphop loop" before he added bass, strings and guitar. Mike also took credit for mixing the track. All this to say, the two producers didn't end up resolving their differences. 

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