Instead of talking about their policies and how they would fare as the Vice-President of the United States, people are chatting about the fly that was glued to Mike Pence's head, as well as his overall appearance, from last night's debate.

Vice-President Pence went up against Kamala Harris in last night's debate, which was much more well-mannered than the Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The nominees spoke about Breonna Taylor's case, the pandemic, trade wars, fracking, and more. 

While their positions are clear on most issues, Pence and Harris were trending last night for reasons unrelated to their politics. 

Alex Wong/Getty Images

By now, you've all seen the photos of a fly on top of Mike Pence's head. The pesky little bugger was there for about ten minutes. However, others were worried about another aspect of the Vice-President's appearance, pointing out that one of his eyes was remarkably red.

"Pink Eye" actually popped up in the Trending Topics with many discussing Pence's appearance, theorizing that he had contracted the stigmatized infection. 

One person even theorized that Pence could have COVID-19, sharing a stat that conjunctivitis, AKA pink eye, occurs in a percentage of coronavirus patients. Following Trump's positive test, Pence confirmed that his test was negative.

What did you think of the debate? Have you heard enough about fracking yet?